Garfield Heights High School Class of 1967 Garfield Heights, Ohio



FIRST ROW:  Gutkowski, Finocchi, Regula, Capretta, Reed, Dunk.

SECOND ROW:  Brayer, Barr, Filipski, Altenbernd, Engle, Vajda, Sukalski, Kastelan.

THIRD ROW:  Nowak, Fernandez, Mosinski, Fiori, Parker, Klusak, Gosselin.


     The Office Assistants of G.H.S. are devoted students who give up their study halls to assist in the office of our high school.  Through their work, these girls gain valuable experiance for future clerical work.

     The faculty and secretaries of the Attendance, General, and Guidance Offices appreciate the fine and helpful work of these students.


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