Garfield Heights High School Class of 1967
Garfield Heights, Ohio

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President -------------Doug Day             Equpment Manager -----------Phil Viton

Vice President--------Chris Zayd            Head Majorette------------Sharon Patyk

Secretary----------Tawny Owens           Student Conductor-----------Louis Zagar

Treasurer-----------Kathy Vajda            Publicity Chairman-------------Julie Solar

Socal Chairman ------Linda Pekarek, Marty Sramek            

Business Manager------------------Ted Badalamenti

Uniform Managers -------Sharon Dean, Keith Kallen           

Librarians---------------Sandy Bittner, Linda Carile, David Miller, Joyce Mattingly



     The governing body of the band, the Band Council, is composed of seventeen members.  This group meets and makes plans for the many social activities of their organization.  When problems arise concerning band, the council meets with Mr. Stella and democratically talks things over.  The school will surely agree that our Band Council has done a great deal to aid in the success of the band.