Garfield Heights High School Class of 1967
Garfield Heights, Ohio

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FIRST ROW:  Phan, Szaraz, Mendat, Reed, Wolslager, Parhamovich, Sindelar, Allen.

SECOND ROW:  Zach, Misterka, Mitchell, Glinski, Farago, Cimino, Engle, Steck.

THIRD ROW:  Denzine, Quinn, McClune, Baranovic, Deacon, Orlowe.

FOURTH ROW:  Mr. MacArthur, Meehl, Humpal, Scott, Alexander, Soltysiak.


     The Biology Seminar is an organization whose purpose is to help Advanced Biology students gain a keener insight into the facinating world of biology.  Under the knowledgable guidance of the club's advisor, Mr. MacArthur, student presentations, bi-monthly lectures, and discussions arwe held.  The members of this club have fun while learning more about the world in which they live.