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The “Lady Bulldogs” met for lunch at Mavis Winkle's in Twinsburg on July 16th.  

Great dinner with classmates at Harry's Steakhouse in Independence on June 29.

Great dinner with classmates this evening (June 29, 2022) at Harry's Steakhouse in Independence!

Front row: Sue Slesnick, Amy Kostka, Janice Hola, Linda A. Steffen. 

Middle row: Ken Zach, George Majczenko, Tom Atherton, Nancy Knowlton, Linda Wike Calkins, Sharon Weitzman, and Tom Pavlinsky. 

Back row: Jim Blank, Dan Mihalik, Joe Mack, Doug Barto and daughter, Tom Hola, and Bill Williams.

Because of COVID, alumni events have been few & far between. However, on October 7th at 6pm, a total of 26 alumni & partners were finally together at the Tavern of Independence on Brecksville Road for dinner & camaraderie. Those participating were Tom Atherton, Linda Wike Calkins, Ron Clark, Linda Maciaszek Fauble, Lora Finocchi Garrett, Tom & Jan Wroblewski Hola, Mark & Linda Sindelar Kavaras, Bill & Amy Roman Kostka, Phil Magro, Dan & Mary Ann Mihalik, Karen Soika Palker, Tom & Janice Pavlinsky, Frank & Rose Mary Sanuk Remesch, Buddy & Cindy Ruggerio Rifici, Audrey Sopko, Skip & Sharon Travagliante Weitzman, & Bill & Cathy Williams.

Check out the photo above of this happy bunch!

Zoom meetings have also been organized to try & keep alums in contact with each other. Since the last one was in March, 2020, Audrey recently organized another one on October 4th at 2pm. Six folks joined her: Ann Marie Kovalik Ayers, Ron Kosey, Kathy Schneider Nowack, Stan Slempa & Bill Williams. Since there was a small number, there was plenty of time for each one to talk. Some of their discussion included the fact that Ron walks regularly; Bill & wife, Cathy, organized their garage to fit in Cathy’s car for the winter, as Bill’s truck can take the weather; Stan still loves to teach, and Kathy said husband, Ken, is home getting physical therapy; he was in rehab after being in a nursing facility for muscle fatigue. Hopefully, he will be back on his feet soon!

Invitations for zoom sessions are sent to all alumni. Should you like to participate, simply send Audrey Sopko an email ( She will even provide a help session beforehand! Zoom sessions are invitation only and use a waiting room, to avoid zoombombing.

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