Garfield Heights High School Class of 1967
Garfield Heights, Ohio

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Lady Bulldogs

The Lady Bulldogs, or the GHHS Class of ’67 Ladies’ Dinner group, met for lunch in September at the Courtyard Café in Brecksville. Those attending (as seen in the photo above) were Jan (Wroblewski) Hola, Nancy (Lewis) Knowlton, Kathy (Schneider) Nowack, Connie (Petet) Clark,  Audrey Sopko, Linda (Wike) Calkins, Ashley Godfrey (guest), Marilyn Tyhulski (guest),  Sue (Baranovic) Slesnick, Gayle (Glowick) Konet, Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Ruth (Mendala) Thompson, Donna (Chapple) Barton, and T erry (Calabro) Karwan.

 August 2019 brought  Linda (Wike) Calkins, Gayle (Konet) Glowick, Audrey Sopko, Joyce (Bezdek) Sitko, Carol (Perrott) Regler, Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Helen (Steblinski) Cejer, Janice (Wroblewski) Hola, and Karen (Soika) Palker, together at Courtyards Café.

The Lady Bulldogs, or the GHHS Class of ’67 Ladies’ Dinner group, met for lunch on July 20th at 1pm at the Courtyard restaurant in Brecksville. Those attending (indicated in the photo) were Gayle Glowick Konet, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Jan Wroblewski Hola, Sue Baranovic Slesnick, Audrey Sopko, Sharon Travagliante Weitzman, Karen Soika Palker, Mary Chadwick, and Pam Poveroni Conrad.

In June, Kathy (Schneider) Nowack,  Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Audrey Sopko, Gayle (Glowick) Konet,  Karen (Soika) Palker, Linda (Wike) Calkins, Pam (Poveroni) Conrad, Helen (Steblinski) Cejer, Sue (Baranovic) Slesnick, and Jan (Wroblewski) Hola, and enjoyed good food and better company at the Courtyard Café in Brecksville.

May 2019 brought Karen Soika PalkerDonna Chapple Barton, Audrey Sopko, Leslie Mroz Readinger, Kathy Schneider Nowack, Jan Wroblewski HolaHelen Steblinski Cejer, Gayle Glowick Konet, and Linda Wike Calkins together at the Courtyard Café in Brecksville, OH.

The Lady Bulldogs, or the GHHS Class of ’67 Ladies’ Dinner group, met for lunch on March 16th at 1pm at the Courtyard Café in Brecksville.  The photo below shows those attending who were Karen Soika Palker, Sue Baranovic Slesnick, Peggy Terry Berteau, Donna Chapple Barton, Gayle Glowick Konet, Jan Wroblewski Hola, Leslie Mroz Readinger, Audrey Sopko, and Linda Wike Calkins.  There is also a Facebook page called “Class of ‘67 GHHS Lady Bulldogs” that has been created and information about upcoming gatherings is posted there.  Luncheons are every month so join us for the next one!

February 2019 brought Karen (Soika) Palker, Janice (Wroblewski) Hola, Gayle (Konet) Glowick, Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Linda (Wike) Calkins, Amy (Roman) Kostka, Audrey Sopko, Peggy (Terry) Berteau, and Jan (Graber) Parsons together at Courtyards Café.

In January, 2019, Sue (Baranovic) Slesnick, Karen (Soika) Palker, Janice (Wroblewski) Hola, Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Kathy (Schneider) Nowack, Gayle (Glowick) Konet, Linda (Wike) Calkins, and Audrey Sopko enjoyed good food and better company at the Courtyard Café in Brecksville.

The second annual “ugly sweater” luncheon December 15th at 1 pm at the Courtyard Café in Brecksville, OH. Those attending were: Ruth (Mendala) Thompson, Janice (Wroblewski) Hola, Karen (Soika) Palker, Audrey Sopko,  Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Linda (Wike) Calkins, Jean (Alesci) Ford, Terry (Calabro) Karwan, Gayle (Glowick) Konet, Delores (Jacobs) Seman, (hiding is Connie (Pettet) Clark,) Kathy (Schneider) Nowack, Helen (Steblinski) Cejer, and Nancy (Levis) Knowlton.

The Lady Bulldogs met November 10th for their luncheon at the City Works Restaurant in Orange Village.  As you can see from the photo below, those who attended were Terry (Calabro) Karwan, Janice (Wroblewski) Hola, Donna (Chapple) Barton, Jan (Graber) Parsons, (Kathy Schneider) Nowack, Karen (Soika) Palker, Nancy (Lewis) Knowlton, Elaine (Baczkowski) Piekarski,, Sue (Baranovic) Slesnick, Audrey Sopko, and Linda (Wike) Calkins.

Enjoyable lunch at Cheescake Factory at Crocker Park with Kathy (Schneider) Nowack, Peggy (Terry) Berteau, Jan (Wroblewski) Hola, Sandy (Strukel) Berendt, Terry (Calabro) Karwan, Marian (Chuma) Rambacher, Audrey Sopko, Candace (Coneglio) Frantz and Gayle (Glowick) Konet.

What a great lunch with the Lady Bulldogs! And super special was our out of town visitor Gail and our own chairperson, Linda!

From left to right: Jan (Wroblewski) Hola, Linda (Sindelar) Steffen Kavaras, Gail (Russler) Meyer, Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Donna (Chapple) Barton, Kathy (Schneider) Nowack, Gayle (Glowick) Konet, Audrey Sopko, Sandy (Strukel) Berendt, Sharon (Travagliante) Weitzman and Peggy (Terry) Berteau

Lady Bulldogs visit Miss Hickory's Tea Room in Strongsville, July 2018. 

Pictured (from left)—Linda (Wike) Calkins, Jan (Wroblewski) Hola, Leslie (Mroz) Readinger, Sue (Baranovic) Slesnick, Audrey Sopko, and Peggy (Terry) Berteau.