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The “Lady Bulldogs” met for lunch at Mavis Winkle's in Twinsburg on July 16th.  

Great dinner with classmates at Harry's Steakhouse in Independence on June 29.

Another lovely class lunch with some beautiful women at Mavis Winkle's in Twinsburg on July 16, 2022. First row: Kathy (Schneider) Nowack, Sharon (Travagliante) Weitzman, Pam (Poveroni) Conrad,  Linda (Sindelar) Kavaras, Janice (Wroblewski) Hola, and Lora (Finocchi) Garrett. Second Row: Karen (Solka) Palker. Karen (Parhamovich) Felon, Audrey Sopko. Linda (Wike) Calkins Linda (Maciasek) Fauble, and Nancy (Levis) Knowlton.

Great turnout for lunch in June! 

First row: Karen Parhamovich Felon, Amy Roman Kostka, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Karen Soika Palker, Linda Wike Calkins, and Jean Alesci Ford.

Second row: Kathy Schneider Nowack, Leslie Mroz Readinger, Nancy Levis Knowlton, Pam Poveroni Conrad, Janice Wroblewski Hola, Gayle Glowick Konet, and Linda Maciaszek Fauble.

The Lady Bulldogs returned to Danny Boys in Broadview Heights on May 21, 2022. Pictured from left to right are Leslie Mroz Readinger, Sue Baranovic Slesnick, Amy Roman Kostka, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Linda Wike Calkins (seated) and Karen Parhamovich Felon, Audrey Sopko, Jan Wroblewski Hola, Ruth Mendala Thompson, Karen Soika Palker, & Kathy Schneider Nowack (standing).

Lady Bulldogs met at the Oak Barrel restaurant in Valley View on April 30. Front row: Sue Baranovic Slesnick, Karen Soika Palker, Linda Wike Calkins. Back row: Jan Wroblewski Hola, Sharon Travagliante Weitzman, Diana Trego, Ruth Mendala Thompson, & Kathy Schneider Nowack.

The “Lady Bulldogs” celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with lunch at 1 pm at Danny Boy’s in Broadview Heights on March 12th. One stipulation was to remember to wear green!! Those who participated were: Leslie Mroz Readinger, Sharon Travagliante Weitzman, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Rosie Martinovich Spatney, Gayle Glowick Konet, Kathy Schneider Nowack, Linda Sindelar Steffen, Audrey Sopko, Jan Wroblewski Hola, Linda Wike Calkins, Nancy Levis Knowlton, and Peggy Terry Berteau.  

The“Lady Bulldogs” continue to meet for lunch at 1pm at Danny Boy’s in Broadview Heights. Their FIRST luncheon of the New Year was on January 22, 2022! Those who participated were: Leslie Mroz Readinger, Sue Baranovic Slesnick, Kathy Schneider Nowack, Karen Soika Palker, Jan Wroblewski Hola, Audrey Sopko, Nancy Levis Knowlton, Linda Wike Calkins and Gayle Glowick Konet. The next luncheon will be March 12th.

Attendees at the “Ugly Sweater” luncheon: Kathy Schneider Nowack, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Gayle Glowick Konet, Karen Soika Palker, Rosie Martinovich Spatney, Amy Roman Kostka, Linda Maciaszek Fauble, Ruth Mendala Thompson, Audrey Sopko, Linda Wike Calkins & Nancy Levis Knowlton

At the November lunch: Leslie Mroz Readinger, Amy Roman Kostka, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Pamela Poveroni Conrad, Marlene Krzywkowski Sooy, Valerie Schwonek Blazey, KathySchneider Nowack, Sue Baranovic

Slesnick, Audrey Sopko, Gayle Glowick Konet, Janice Wroblewski Hola, and Karen Soika Palker.

Marleen was in town from Pennsylvania and donated a bag of Hershey Kisses! Hershey is located close to where Marlene resides.

The “Lady Bulldogs” once again are meeting for lunch. An October luncheon was held on the 16th at 1pm at Danny Boys in Broadview Heights. The photo below shows those who attended (with a few of them thinking “Halloween”): Leslie Mroz Readinger, Amy Roman Kostka, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Gayle Glowick Konet, Ruth Mendala Thompson, Nancy Levis Knowlton, Audrey Sopko, Linda Maciaszek Fauble, Karen Soika Palker, Pam Poveroni Conrad, Linda Wike Calkins, Kathy Schneider Nowack & Janice Wroblewski Hola.

Check our facebook page (Class of ’67 GHHS Lady Bulldogs) for details concerning the next lunch. Join us if you can!

Lady Bulldogs

August 2021 found the Lady Bulldogs at Danny Boy's in Broadview Heights. Pictured (from left to right): Jan Wroblewski Hola, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Gayle Glowick Konet, Linda Wike Calkins, Audrey Sopko, Kathy Schneider Nowack, Leslie Mroz Readinger, Amy Roman Kostka, and Ruth Mendala Thompson.

The Lady Bulldogs held their first post-pandemic luncheon on Saturday, July 17, 2021, at Michaelangelo's Winery in Richfield. Unseasonably cool weather could not keep these ladies away! (Back row: Audrey Sopko, Peggy Terry Berteau, Jan Wroblewski Hola. Front row: Kathy Schneider Nowack, Amy Roman Kostka, Leslie Mroz Readinger, Helen Steblinski Cejer, Gayle Glowick Konet

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