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The “Lady Bulldogs” met for lunch at Mavis Winkle's in Twinsburg on July 16th.  

Great dinner with classmates at Harry's Steakhouse in Independence on June 29.


FIRST ROW: Huraco, Day, LaMarca, Colquitt, Morell, Portman, Balski, Olecki, Pesicka

SECOND ROW: Mr. Williams, Buc, Gombas, Dominak, Chizmar, Miller, Clark, Mielczarek, Holy, Rusnak, Mr. Broski

Under the able direction of Mr. Chuck Broski, this year's Cross Country Team set a new record of 3 victories and only 4 defeats. The team came back with a second place from the Brecksville Tri Meet and two twelfth places from the Gilmour Invitational and the All Conference Meet. Congratulations to both the team and Mr. Broski for a fine season.

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