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The “Lady Bulldogs” met for lunch at Mavis Winkle's in Twinsburg on July 16th.  

Great dinner with classmates at Harry's Steakhouse in Independence on June 29.


FIRST ROW: Zahradnicek, Schnieder, Brayer, Neval.

SECOND ROW: Klosowski, Kaczmarczyk, Shoaf, Fenimore, Benedetti, LoCastro.

THIRD ROW: Balazi, Garcy, Lubuda, Balog, Jaroscak, Whiteside, Maria, Kaminski, Chalfa.

The Hostess Club consists of girls willing to serve and assist at various banquets and dinners for Garfield Heights Senior High School. Their help at these dinners is invaluable and we wish to thank them for their fine assistance which will be remembered by those who attended these school functions. Mrs. Gladrow is the club's able sponsor.

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