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The “Lady Bulldogs” met for lunch at Mavis Winkle's in Twinsburg on July 16th.  

Great dinner with classmates at Harry's Steakhouse in Independence on June 29.


The swingingest band in the land

Bulldog Marching Band

FRONT ROW MAJORETTES: Behrman, Behrman, Patyk, Cromika, DeNoto, Morbeto.

SECOND ROW: Mr. Hoffee, Konkoly, Good, Bezdek, Schumacher, Zaremba, Miles, Milkovich, Slencsak, Mummert, Denis, Sabin, Douglass, Mr. Stella.

THIRD ROW: Hoaglund, Wittington, Kvasnicka, Tylicki, Kaminicki, Nuebert, Evert, Kotrba, Sagan, Bradler, Maure, Angyal.

FOURTH ROW: Horwath, Blank, Faehnrich, Altenbernd, Perrott, Owens, Dean, Nasont, Lencses, Tomola, Oshelski.

FIFTH ROW: Mormile, Kadowaki, LaMarca, Pekarek, Vajda, Carile, Bittner, Redlin, Penberthy, Lewis Zagar.

SIXTH ROW: Skalnik, Cianciola, Penberthy, Szubra, Clarke, Aenis, Jelinek, Cabot, Lovasz, Hageman, Miller.

SEVENTH ROW: Lipinski, Kallen, Lozinak, Latko, Hubert, McCrory, Urban, Triff, Gielinski, Zigmund, Bombic.

EIGHTH ROW: Chandik, Mackenzie, Mitten, Smith, Polcar, Evans, Miller, Zayd, Mattingly, Nenonen, Lloyd.

NINTH ROW: Heflin, Frank, Porrello, Partyka, Wodell, Solar, Sramek, Zizka, Blaha, Peters, Day.

TENTH ROW: Marks, Finn, Williams, Stevens, Badalamenti, Sislak, Rygiel, Partyka, Buchal, Farr Huber.

The Garfield Heights High School Marching Band, with its colorful, unique, and entertaining performances, is an asset to our school and community. This group under the capable leadership of Mr. Edward Hoffee and Mr. Guy Stella, has carried on the tradition of being one of the school's most respected groups.

The band's superb performance at Cleveland Stadium this year reflected the esteem held by our school band. On telecast viewed as far away as Germany, the senior members have been viewed by over two million people. Congratulations for another commendable year of performances.

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