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The “Lady Bulldogs” met for lunch at Mavis Winkle's in Twinsburg on July 16th.  

Great dinner with classmates at Harry's Steakhouse in Independence on June 29.


FIRST ROW: Borota, Roslan, Pappas, Young, Sabo, Ahlars, Parhamovich, Mr. Ebenhack.

SECOND ROW: Jinks, Phan, Witkowski, Adams, Bruzda

THIRD ROW: Roslan, Martin, Hospodka, Evans, Stankiewski, Skalnik, Marik.

FOURTH ROW: Pettet, Kovac, Pfeil, Wess, Haines, Skiba, Phan, Watson. 

     An orderly fashion always accents the composition of a body of people. At Garfield Heights Senior High School, the Ushers seat students and adults at assemblies, Showboat, Commencement, and music concerts. These fine hosts and hostesses are awarded points toward their Garfield letter by Mr. Ebenhack, the Ushers' sponsor.

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